Contributers' Guide

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the development of the library:

  • Give us a Star on Github - you know you want to ;)
  • Questions can be directed towards the Gitter channel, or on Twitter @fintrospectdev
  • For issues, please describe giving as much detail as you can - including version and steps to recreate

pull requests

If there are any message format library or templating engine bindings that you'd like to see supported, then please feel free to suggest them or provide a PR.

  • JSON formats: create a new module with an implementation of JsonLibrary by following the Spray example in the source, and update
  • Templating engines: create a new module with a Templatesimplementation by following the MustacheTemplates example in the source, and update

general guidelines

  • At the moment, PRs should be sent to the master branch - this might change in future so check back everytime!
  • Source/binary compatibility always must be kept as far as possible - this is a must for minor and patch versions
  • Prefer creating a Scala source file for each class/object/trait (of course, except for sealed trait)
  • PR changes should have test coverage
  • All the PRs must pass the Travis CI jobs before merging them

Testing with default settings is required when push changes:

sbt test