The Fintrospect example code hosted here:

  • /circe- using the Circe library for auto-marshalling of case classes to JSON
  • /clients- an example of using HTTP routes as a client and creating really easy fake remote servers for testing
  • /customformats- creating a custom message format with it's own Response Builder: HipsterXML
  • /customparameters- creating a custom serialisation format for request parameters and bodies
  • /extended- the library application. Example used on the Github project README
  • /formvalidation- shows form validation, with feedback given to the user
  • /oauth- shows the usage of plugging in an OAuth2 library to change the input request type
  • /msgpack- using the MsgPack binary message format, including auto-marshalling of case classes in/out of responses
  • /streaming- shows streaming of responses in a typesafe way
  • /strictcontenttypes- shows how to serve multiple content types from a single route
  • /templating- shows the usage of plugging in Mustache templating library to change the output response type
  • /validation- shows cross-field validation of inputs taken from the request

quickstart repo

If you want to dive in head-first, there is example source project of a Fintrospect application with most of the features hosted in this Github Repo


This contains a set of cookbook recipes that may be useful to see how particular features are activated.

Eventually, these will be documented with explanations on the website, but for the moment, they hopefully are still useful